Community Impact Newspaper Candidate Questionnaire


What do you hope to accomplish in your term?

My first priorities are comprehensive education reform and addressing the national debt. Globally, the U.S. ranks 38th in math and 24th in science, yet spends the most per student. We must eliminate standardized tests in their current form, bring creativity back to classrooms, and allow teachers the freedom to address their students’ individual needs. Additionally, as national debt nears $21 trillion and the budget continues to run at a deficit, the CBO and OMB should be combined and reckless overspending ended. We must stop setting up future generations for economic failure.

What makes you qualified to hold this office?

Education and experience can vary, but my commitment to servant leadership is what qualifies me for this office. We need representatives who put aside partisan politics and find the best options to move us forward. We need Congress to look like our nation, represent our communities, and move beyond their focus of self-preservation. Sound bites, headlines, and grandstanding are simply re-election tactics; we need Congress to actually govern. I will work to transform the current, broken status quo by constructing the government we all deserve: a government owned by the people, working for the people.

What should voters keep in mind in the ballot box this November?

If we vote the way we always have, we will see the same outcomes we always have. Independent is not ‘lukewarm’. Just the opposite: Independent is doing the hard work of bringing together differing opinions and turning them into lasting policy. A Congressperson should represent their constituents, not a party or special interests. As an Independent, I am free to listen to this community which historically votes 60% Republican, 40% Democratic. In a such balanced district, it’s unfortunate that our current representative votes 96% of the time with his party, rather than our district.