Texas for Responsible Marijuana Policy Candidate Questionnaire


Do you agree or disagree that states should take responsibility for creating and carrying out their own marijuana policies without federal interference?

It is appropriate for the federal government to protect the freedoms of the whole nation with minimum standard policies and then allow the states to determine to what level they enforcement and implementation they desire.

Do you support or oppose changing federal law to allow the cultivation of industrial hemp throughout the US?

I support the medical legalization of marijuana to treat a variety of health conditions. I support the decriminalization for possession of a small amount of marijuana (1 ounce or less); this alleviates the unnecessary burden of carrying around a criminal record for minor offenses, saves taxpayer money on prosecution and jailing costs, and is supported by a majority of residents. In states that allow medical cannabis, opiate overdose deaths have declined 25% or more. Additionally, the Texas economy can benefit from a regulated medical marijuana business through both increased tax revenue and stemming the continual loss of individuals and families moving elsewhere to get the care they need.

Please indicate any marijuana related legislation you have sponsored, co-sponsored, or publicly supported.

I am optimistic that Governor Abbott has indicated an interest in reforming the current marijuana policies, specifically by reducing penalties for low-level possession. Additionally, I will support candidates and advocate for legislation that also legalizes medical marijuana in Texas during the next legislative session.